Is one of the leading companies of Turkey on field of professional audio, video, LED display, stage lighting and automation systems. Our company provides turnkey project services, system integration, engineering, technical support and consultancy services by using world-famous products. Our company, that has been developed and extended its scope of services and products with customer satisfaction policy, consolidated its quality and reliable service policies with certificates both owned by employees and by our company.
ProSistem ; has a strong technical staff who is specialized on their filed, experienced, trained, following daily affairs and knowing the infrastructure of our country. The knowledge of staff is constantly developed and kept updated via training, seminar, abroad educations, when required.
ProSistem will continue it duty with awareness of its responsibility of providing new technologies in its sector to our country with the aim of customer satisfaction by competing with itself.
Scope of our company: The scope of our company is "Project Designing, Purchasing, Selling, Installation and Commissioning of Audio, Lighting, LED Display Video Systems and Their Automation, Simultaneous Translation, Chairman and Intercom Systems." All processes and activities defined within the company's business are in scope of integrated management system.
- With compromising service quality, selling the products meeting customer needs in accordance with project basis and specifying customer satisfaction as the first target,
- Complying with competing terms, following the innovations of all suppliers for choosing and assessing them as bought material quality might affect the quality of installed system,
- Delivering the system and service being most suitable for customer needs with trained staff at the highest quality in a timely manner,
- Provide our staff with the trainings required for ensuring development our employees' awareness of quality, environment and job safety,
- Ensuring the implementation of constant development and improvement in all units,
- Improving our performance by controlling environmental effects and job safety-related risks,
- Ensuring wastes to be disposed, recycled and evaluated via suitable methods to prevent pollution by using raw materials and natural sources in most efficient way,
- Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environment management system and OHSAS 18001 job safety management system standards, constantly improving the efficiency of system by ensuring applicable conditions,

It is our basic guide for all of these expectations, and is adopted as our company's quality policy.