About Us


It is one of the leading organizations of our country in the field of professional sound, image, LED Display, stage illumination and automation systems. Our company provides turnkey project services, system integration, engineering, technical support and consultancy services using world renowned products. Our company, which has come to this day by improving and expanding the service and product coverage with customer satisfaction principle, has also strengthened the quality and reliable service principles with the certificates that the employees and the company have received.

PROSİSTEM ; Has a strong technical team who is expert, experienced, educated, following current developments and knowing the infrastructure of our country closely. The knowledge level of the personnel is tried to be kept up to date and developed in various ways such as necessity, education, seminar, and abroad training.

PROSİSTEM , We will continue to compete with him and will continue to serve in the awareness of our responsibility to provide customer satisfaction with new technology in our sector.